Zen Garden Buddha Candle Incense Holder #HD-CIHZG02

Zen Garden Buddha Candle Incense Holder #HD-CIHZG02

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Beautiful Zen Garden set with the Buddha “Siddhartha Gautama”.

Perfect to decorate your house with warmth, peace and an exotic feel.

The statue in the Zen Garden is a representation of “Siddhartha Gautama” known as “The Buddha”. A spiritual teacher in the northern region of India. His collective teachings from 2600 years ago became the foundation of Buddhism. He is depicted here seated in meditation.

This set contains a statue of The Buddha and a candle holder cup made of resin painted in gold, a stone shaped incense holder, small natural stones and white sand.

The perfect gift for anybody who loves Asian culture, Buddhism, to meditate, relax or bring some warmth and peace to their home with beautiful scents.

**Candles are not included.

The set includes:

  • Statue of The Buddha in resin
  • Candle holder in resin
  • Stone shapes incense holder
  • Incense stick
  • Small natural stones
  • White sand
  • **Candles are not included.
Item Candle Incense Holder
Material Resin & Stone & Sand & Wood
Style Asian
Color Gold & Black
Weight ~0.330kg (~0.73lbs)
Dimensions Height ~12cm (~4.72")
Width ~12.5cm (~4.92")
Item Number HD-CIHZG02

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