Ceramic Vase Candle Incense Holder #HD-CIH01

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Beautiful reed diffuser and candle holder set.

Perfect to bring warmth and relaxing aromas to your home.

    This set contains a teardrop shaped ceramic pot with reed sticks made of rattan, two brown see-through tea-light candle holder cups and a Chinese style wooden shelf tying the elements together to bring the sense of calmness and relaxation to your room.

    The perfect gift for anybody who loves making their home feel welcoming, relaxing and filled with their most loved fragrances.

    **Candles and aromas are not included.

     The set includes:

    • Olive green & Brown or a White & Brown teardrop shaped ceramic reed diffuser pot
    • Reeds made out of rattan
    • Two brown see-through glass tea-light candle holders
    • Black wooden base shelf
    • **Candles and aromas are not included.
    Item Candle Incense Holder
    Material Ceramic Glass Wood
    Style Asian
    Color (1) Olive Green (2) White Brown Black
    Weight ~0.66kg (~1.50lbs)
    Dimensions Height ~17.0cm (~6.7")
    Width ~26.0cm (~10.24")
    Item Number HD-CIH01

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